Project on hold

The bike cart project is on hold for me for now. I have moved out of Cleveland. I may start working on it again here in Austin, if I can work out the logistics.
If you have any questions about the project at OCBC contact Jim.

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  1. Anyone interested in this project is welcome to help move it into production at the Ohio City Bike Co-op, where we have two prototypes, plenty of materials that Bart prepared, and many of his tools which we will take care of for him in his absence.

    Bon Voyage, Bart; send us a postcard!

    • Bart,
      Glad to see you are still at it! We have made some improvements that would be good to post — can you give me admin. status to do that?

      In the meantime, here is a parts list:

      1 large, lugged road frame with European BB (with cups installed) and round tubes; top tube cut just behind headtube lug, seattube cut just below seat lug, and chainstays cut just behind BB
      1 long round tube (could be that frame’s top tube) that is a sliding fit inside or over the frame’s seat tube
      1 very long tube of any diameter
      6 “curvy” (front) brake washers
      6 m6 nylock nuts
      5 m6 bolts long enough to clear #2 tube, washers and nuts
      1 m6 seat q/r long enough to clear frame seattube and its sliding-fit tube, and brake washers
      2 similar (same rise/reach dimensions) steel 1″ quill stems preferably with 2-bolt bar clamps.
      2 similar (same length 1″ steerer tube) bmx forks
      2 similar 20″ bmx front wheels, mounted with good rimstrips, tubes and tires
      1 rear cassette-hub 26″ wheel with axle and freehub removed, radically dished so drive side of hub is as close as possible to flush with rim drive side surface; reasonably true and tensioned
      1 Kevlar bead skinny road tire scrap section at least 10″ long

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