This Blog is being written from the perspective of an individual who has used bicycles for a lot more than just transportation for a long time.

Making my living on a bike, or in some way using a bike, or at the very least riding a bike to work,  has been the norm for all, but a few years, of my adult life.

I’ve learned as a pedicab operator and messenger in the city,  and as a trail builder, and a rain water harvester  in the high desert mountains, that you can do a lot more than just get some place on a bicycle. Loads of  up to 500 lbs are doable  with a well-built trailer, tricycle, or cart.  If you tandemize the vehicle or cart in that you allow 2 people to deliver power to the drive train or get hold to the  handles, if it’s a hand cart, you can more than double the cargo capacity.

In the past I have built human powered vehicles with new materials and, more or less, conventional fabrication processes. At this point I will be trying to see how much of the materials can be extracted from the waste stream.  Using this waste stream to create the vehicles and machines, with which I can extract more materials.

This Blog will be a window  to this thread of development and discovery.

Everything I have done in the past is free for anyone to use in any way they like, and that will continue with the ideas and designs presented here.

This work is currently being done in cooperation with the Ohio City Bicycle Coop, they are a not for profit 501c, so if you think this project is of value, and you feel you have benefited in some way from the material here, please support the work through a donation to OCBC. Let them know it’s for this project.

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