Suggestions for creating a cart out of salvage bikes

The world is full of landfills full of bikes, here are some thoughts about alternative ways to utilize a salvage bicycle.

If we use the seat tubes, frame elements, head tubes and drop outs, for the connecting points. And seat posts, Stems, handle bars, crank arms, pedals, hubs, and bar ends for the connectors, we won’t have to machine these elements and it will make a bolt together assembly a lot easier and cheaper to create.

Using salvaged expanded metal, wire shelving, shopping carts, and other metal storage bins for the cargo areas will add to the strength of  the cargo area and in some cases be the whole cargo area ready made and already designed around standards in boxes, baskets, etc for a variety of uses.

Designing a standard main frame on wheels, that can be expanded to allow for various cargo platforms, makes production more efficient and less costly

Possible way to break up frame
Partial list of possible uses for various elements of salvaged bicycles
Wheels, mounting brackets, and cargo platforms
Frames, and connecting brackets
Handle bars:
Connecting pieces, cargo support, handles for wheel barrow like use.
Seat Posts and stems:
mounting posts to connect frame elements together
Crank arms: mounting brackets to support cargo areas
Handles, steering mechanisms, connectors to connect to other vehicles
Mounting points to connect forks to bicycles and other vehicles, Power take off point utilizing belts or gears and chains, rotating mounting points for folding cargo area and main frame elements
Bottom Brackets:
Mounting points for cargo area, drive element connectors,
Rotating joints for folding frame or cargo elements.
Crank arms:
Drive mechanisms, both hand and foot, rotating positioners to adjust dimensions and alignment of accessories

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